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I offer private guitar, songwriting, arranging, and basic skill development for musicians just starting or wanting to improve their current skill set. My lessons are offered in my home, at yours, online, or through my partnership at Duprey Studio Recordings in Pinellas Park, FL. During a typical lesson, we would discuss and go over proper chord techniques, song structures, improvisation, writing lyrics or melodies, scales, styles, and more. For anyone who wants to try lessons with me before committing to regular lessons, the free 15-minute lesson would be a great idea or gift for a loved one, especially to agree on what we could accomplish with the lessons moving forward. If you have any questions about lessons or getting started, please contact me.

Lessons conducted in your home, in mine, via Skype, Zoom, or in person at Duprey Studio Recordings in Pinellas Park, FL.

You can purchase single lessons - or save some money (and firm up your commitment) with a package:

4/30 Package $120

For beginners, or anyone else who wants to start with a short commitment, and learn a song (or two) of your choice:

4/30 Minute Lessons

In your home or mine, by Skype, Zoom, or in-person at Duprey Studios in Largo, FL.

4/30 Package PLUS $175

For beginner or intermediate level players who want to get a professional recording of their song:

• 4/30 Minute Lessons

• PLUS 1-hour of studio time monthly at Duprey Studio Recordings. Access to special monthly events at Duprey Studios. 25% off of services at Duprey included.

4/60 Package $220

For more experienced players who want to really dig in, dust off their chops, and learn some more advanced techniques:

4/60 Minute Lessons

by Skype, Zoom, or in-person at Duprey Studios in Largo, FL.

4/60 Package PLUS $440

For advanced players who want to really dig in - and add some studio time:

4/60 Minute Lessons

4 hours of studio time at Duprey Studio Recordings. Access to special monthly events at Duprey Studio Recordings. 50% off of services at Duprey included.

What my students have to say...

"Patrick has been one of my most skilled music teachers in my life. What I especially enjoyed was his thorough knowledge of music theory. What was so helpful was the way he helped me stretch musically and technically. So often I was amazed at little hints that opened a whole new set of abilities. Patrick is a great teacher." - Ron, student

"Almost indescribable. I appreciate so much how you really take the time to make sure that everything that is being taught is also understood. I learned so much and wish my schedule would allow for continued lessons. Feel free to share any of this. I certainly miss the lessons." Cindy, student

About Patrick


Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, and composer out of Largo, FL. Known for creating music in the genres of blues, rock, country, and alternative. Born in Western Nebraska, Patrick learned from an early age that he was destined to play guitar and sing like his mother and father did while he grew up. Over the years, he began writing and performing his own songs. Patrick has stayed busy with his original music, recording and playing locally often, as well as teaching guitar to students of all levels, offering a great approach to learning technical guitar methods, music theory, and songwriting skills. He graduated with a B.A in Music Industry before moving to Florida to pursue a career teaching, recording, and performing.

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